Fixture times will be confirmed closer to match day. 

November 17, 2018
  • Mens 5ths v Enniscorthy, home (TBC)

  • Mens 4ths v Naas, home (TBC)

  • Mens 3rds v Monkstown, away (TBC)

  • Mens 2nds v Avoca, home (TBC)

  • Mens 1sts v YMCA, home (postponed)

  • Womens 8ths v Enniscorthy, away (TBC)

  • Womens 7ths v Navan, away (TBC)

  • Womens 6ths v Old Alex, home (TBC)

  • Womens 5ths v Newbridge, home (TBC)

  • Womens 4ths v Guinness, home (TBC)

  • Womens 3rds v Avoca, away (TBC)

  • Womens 2nds v Railway Union, home (TBC)

  • Womens 1sts v Ards, away
    2:30 pm

November 24, 2018
  • Mens 1sts v Clontarf/Mossley, home (ISC) TBC

  • Womens 7ths v UCD, home (TBC)

  • Womens 6ths v Genesis, away (TBC)

  • Womens 5ths v Malahide Fingal, home (TBC)

  • Womens 4ths v Old Alexandra, home (TBC)

  • Womens 3rds v Genesis, away (TBC)

  • Womens 2nds v Monkstown, home (TBC)

  • Womens 1sts v Loreto, away
    1:00 pm

December 1, 2018
  • Womens 8ths v UCD, home (TBC)

  • Womens 7ths v Railway Union, away (Cup) TBC

  • Womens 6ths v Botanic, home (TBC)

  • Womens 5ths v Genesis, home (Cup) TBC

  • Womens 4ths v Weston, home (TBC)

  • Womens 3rds v YMCA, away (TBC)

  • Womens 2nds v Old Alexandra, away (TBC)

  • Womens 1sts v Monkstown, home (ISC) TBC

December 2, 2018
  • Mens 5ths v Monkstown, away (Cup) TBC

  • Mens 5ths v Monkstown, away (Cup)

  • Mens 4ths v Nth Kildare, away (Cup) TBC

  • Mens 3rds v Rathgar, home (Cup) TBC

December 8, 2018
  • Mens 5ths v Corinthians, away (TBC)

  • Mens 4ths v Corinthians, away (TBC)

  • Mens 3rds v UCD, away (TBC)

  • Mens 2nds v Corinthians, away (TBC)

  • Womens 7ths v Mullingar, away (TBC)

  • Womens 5ths v UCD, home (TBC)

  • Womens 4ths v Trininty, home (Cup)(TBC)

  • Womens 3rds v Old Alex, away (Cup) (TBC)

  • Womens 2nds v UCD, home (TBC)