Pembroke Wanderers

Hockey for boys and girls of all ages

Mission Statement

Pembroke Colts & Fillies section is devoted to creating an honest, safe, friendly and supportive environment for young people - from 1st Class and 4th Year - to learn and develop their team and individual hockey skills.

Players are coached to respect the game, coaches, team mates, opponents and officials whilst developing a sense of competitiveness, team camaraderie and sportsmanship. Pembroke coaches aim to provide a high standard of coaching that creates a positive, fun and challenging experience for each player.

Pembroke Wanderers Hockey Club strives to create an environment where opportunities for excellence exist, healthy competitiveness encouraged, friendships are forged and a sense of fun and enthusiasm for the game of hockey is fostered.

Code of Conduct for Parents / Children / Coaches here

Pembroke Wanderers is run in line with the Hockey Ireland Code of Ethics for affiliated clubs.

U10 Boys 2014

Key Contacts

Manager / Designated Person
Deirdre Waters

Assistant Manager
Zack Waters

Children’s Officer
Sinead Harrington

Match Secretary (Girls League)
Zack Waters

Match Secretary (Girls Non-League)
Mary Keaney Daly

Match Secretary (Boys League)
U16 - Keith Thompson

U14 - Simon Watchorn

Match Secretary (Boys Non-League)
U12 - Zack Waters

U10 - Gary Johnson

U8 - Alison Pigot


Complete the online Application Form here

Information for New Members here

Leinster Transfer Form here

Existing Members – renewal info

Existing members (with 75% higher attendance from this season) have been invoiced (for the coming season) and the invoice must be paid in full by 30th June 2019 to secure your place for the following season.

If 'No Communication' has been received by this date, it will be assumed that you are not returning to the club and you will be removed from our database.

Renewal is the sole responsibility of the parent and not the Club - please ensure you have paid by this date, so that you/your child/ren are not disappointed.

Existing members with less than 75% attendance from this season 'may not be invited to renew their membership for the coming season'.

Parents of 1st Years 2017 must advise which school they will attend – please email


1st Child: €165

2nd Child: €145

3rd & subsequent child: €60


Membership fee must be paid online and by 30th June 2019 to secure place for the coming season. Follow the link below.

Contact Details

Parents and Players – it is your responsibility to make sure the Club is kept informed of any changed to email, mobile phone number or address so you will always be kept informed of matches, events etc.

If any of your contact details change please email all relevant details to us ASAP. If we do not have your correct contact details you will miss out on getting important information.

Parents must ensure that their childs’ "TEAMER" contact information is correct – in order to receive invitations to matches/blitzes etc.

Equipment & Kit

Gum shields and shin guards are compulsory. Face masks (defending short corners) and hand guards are recommended. Footwear should be suitable for Astro Turf pitches.

Under age sides play in black tracksuit/shorts with purple Pembroke socks. A Pembroke t-shirt and hoody are available in Ed Sports, located in the Pembroke Grounds.

League teams (boys and girls (1st - 4th Year) play in full Pembroke league kit - also available in Ed Sports).

2018/19 Training times & coaches

Head Coach Junior Section

Natalie Fulton

Developmental Squad

Natalie Fulton, Elun Hack

U8 Girls (1st/2nd Class)

Friday 18.00 - 19.15 (sand)
Boys Coaches: Alison Piggott (Lead),  Ivan Cooke, Glen Morrow

Girls Coaches: Hannah Watchorn, Rebekah Waters

U8 Boys (1st/2nd Class)

Friday 18.00 - 19.15
Coaches: Alison Pigot (Lead), Ivan Cooke, Ali Farrell, Paul Harrington.

U10 Boys (3rd/4th Class)

Friday 18.00 - 19.15
Coaches: Gary Johnson (Lead), Dave Simmons, Adam Keating.

U12 Boys (5th/6th Class)

Friday 18.00 - 19.15
Coaches: Zack Waters (Lead), Matt Treacy, Richard / Lorraine Bryce.

U14 Boys (1st/2nd Year)

Friday 19.00 - 20.30
Coaches: Devin Donnelly (Lead), Richard Bryce, Simon Watchorn (Management).

U16 Boys (3rd/4th Year)

Friday 19.00 - 20.30
U16 Coaches: Paddy Conlon (Lead), Matt Treacty, Keith Thompson

U14 Coaches: Devin Donnelly, Glen Morrow, Cody Thomas

U10/U12 Girls (3rd Class)

Sunday 08:45 - 10.00
Coaches: Frankie Fennell (Lead), Ivan Cooke, Corry Bourke, Rebekah Waters

U10/U12 Girls (4th/5th Class)

Sunday 08:45 - 10.00
Yellow: Devin Donnelly (Lead), Miriam O'Meara, Cian Murphy
Green: Sophie O'Leary (Lead), Gaby Lewis, Dan Raymond, Gavin Quill
Orange: Katie Ryan (Lead), Chloe Harrison, Harry Watchorn
Purple: Hannah Watchorn (Lead), Sarah Byrne, Shane Hynes.

GoalKeeper Coach: Ian Clarke (4th/5th Class)

U12/14 Girls (6th Class/1st Year)

Sunday 10.00 - 11.15
Coaches: Katie Ryan (Lead), Green: Zack Waters, Blue: Hannah Watchorn, Red: Chloe Harrisson, Yellow: Ivan Cooke, Purple: Rebekah Waters / Niamh Courtney

Orange: Sarah Daly, Yellow: Sophie O'Leary, Blue: Frankie Fennell, Purple: Dan Raymond, Red: Rebecca Meaney

U14 Girls (2nd Year)

Sunday 11.15 - 12.45

U16 Girls (3rd/4th Year)

Sunday 12.45 - 14.15 and 14:15 - 15:45
Light Blue: Natalie Fulton/Zack Waters, Pink: Sarah Daly/Matt Treacy, Orange: Sophie O'Leary/Glenn Morrow, Yellow: Frankie Fennell/Emma Coniffe, Red: Rebecca Meaney/Matt Treacy, Blue: Katie Ryan/Paul Harrington, Green: Ivan Cooke


Boys (and U8 mixed) matches normally take place on Sunday afternoons. Girls matches take place on Sunday mornings/afternoons.

Boys U14, U16's and Girls U14, U16's play in organised Leinster Leagues.

The younger age groups play in occasional friendly matches, but the priority for these age groups is the development of hockey skills, teamwork and of course, to have fun and be safe.

Children’s Officer & Designated Person

Deirdre Waters thumb

Deirdre Waters

Manager of Junior Section & Designated Person

Deirdre Waters our Manager has four children involved in the Junior Club, two children coaching and two children playing in the club and is a member of the Pembroke Vets.

Deirdre has several years’ experience in hockey – coaching to level 1 standard, umpiring, and has held executive positions within various clubs and schools. Deirdre has held this role for the past 5 years, the junior club has grown under her leadership and direction.

Deirdre is ably assisted in Pembroke by Zack Waters, Leinster Development Coach and Junior Coach with PWHC who will take on the role as Assistant Manager.

The Designated Person is responsible for reporting any concern about the protection of children to the Statutory authorities.

Ciara and Sinead

Sinead Harrington

Children’s Officer

A popular and long time member of the club - Sinead recently wore the green for the Masters at last summer's Home Nations.

Pembroke works closely with the IHA in order to ensure that best practice is followed in children’s sport.

The Children’s Officer manages all activities and issues in relation to young people at club level.

In applying the guidelines of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport, Pembroke have adopted and implemented a code of conduct for all participants and must appoint a Children’s Officer and a Designated Person.